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We are constantly thinking about how we can develop our studio and continue working in this pandemic without unnecessarily endangering ourselves and our customers. We have the cutter in a séparée with a close able glass door. To separate the director and sound engineer, I constructed a transparent divider. This is disassembled / assembled in just a few simple steps and protects us from droplet infection.

In addition to the isolation of the workplaces, it is also sensible to work without shared books in order to avoid possible smear infections. In addition, less paper is used, which in turn protects the environment ... There would now be the option of inserting the speaker text under the corresponding image, almost in karaoke style. Compared to the physical book, this has the disadvantage - in addition to the additional preparation effort - that the speaker cannot make any notes in the text. Since he can not read through the previous take, he has no idea about the whole picture. Changes can also be made much more quickly by handwritten notes than by editing in software. We have combined the advantages of these different methods with our text prompter. Only the director, the sound engineer, the editor or the actor has to "turn the page", so only one, or all collaboratively. According to the motto of the Three Musketeers "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno".

We use PDF as the format for the books. Of course, all other common office formats can also be used. The speaker can make handwritten notes in the text with a pen and delete them with the back of the pen.

The director and editor can enter text changes - visible to everyone - in text boxes. The glass surface of the text prompter is easy to disinfect.

There is a new recording control with extensive automation for an easy, flexible and fast way of working. There are two modes: the standard mode with 4s advance for the director and a fast recording mode (record in is at the current cursor position without advance). The time codes for In and Out points for the recording can now be adjusted globally with millisecond precision (e.g. if "under-timed").

In January we recorded `Good Witch´ Season five for Berliner Synchron GmbH. It was big fun!

Our services

Lip-sync dubbing

Lip-sync dubbing for feature/animation movies and video games


Voice–over für documentaries, tv-commercials and image videos

Dialogue recording

Dialogue recording for audio books/plays, radio commercials, announcement


Sounddesign, M&E-track creation


Audio mixing for TV with EBU R128 normalisation

Video editing

Video editing, title/graphic animation and subtitle integration

About us

We are offering localization and post production services for TV productions since seven years now.
Our recording studio is equipped for lip-sync dubbing, ADR and voice-over.

  • Two recording rooms

    Two well-ventilated recording rooms provide enough space for talent and cutter. Both can choose between 3 monitor mixes during operation. The video playback is in HD on all places.

  • Professional standards

    We offer DS Taker and related systems compatibility. For dubbing and voice- over projects, we mainly use our Neumann U87 AI, but a number of alternative microphones are also available.

  • Qualified staff

    A pool of professional actors and a well-stocked audio archive guarantees excellent recording results.

  • Further expertises

    Beside audio production we offer video editing, title/graphic animation and subtitle integration


A selection of over 400 productions we did in the recent years:

The World Wars (6 Episodes)

Year Million (6 Episodes)

Prison (3 Episodes)

China von Oben
Land der Superlative

Speed Date am Himmel

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Das Neueste vom Urzeit Killer

Alltag im All
Leben auf der ISS

Künstliche Intelligenz
Das synthetische Gehirn

Solar Impulse II
Im Solarflieger um die Welt

Zerstörung aus der Luft

Mayday (6 Episodes)

Die Stunde Null
Europa nach dem Krieg


We are looking forward to hear from you!